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Welcome to the City of Goodyear's Water Smart web page!  Glad you found us!  Our hope is that we can provide you with essential resources that will enhance your appreciation for water, and provide you insights toward its efficient use.  Increasing our knowledge on how to best manage water efficiently makes sense and is just water smart!   

 As you know, water is a vital resource. Without it, we cannot survive, anywhere. Here in the desert both the need to have water and its scarcity are obvious. The ways we use water in our own lives and the decisions we make together about preferred water uses, acceptable water quality, and how much we are willing to pay for water will define the quality of life in this arid community forever. The way we manage our water will determine our future.  

Will you join us in creating a WATER SMART community?  You can get involved by:

  1. Visiting our website frequently - stay up to date and informed
  2. Community Engagement - Reporting leaks, invite others to our community
  3. Personal Engagement - Routinely check around your home for ways to be more water efficient. 

If we all do our part to be WATER SMART we can ensure our home will remain vibrant and successful for generations to come!



How does a desert get its water?  Are we running out of water?  April is Water Awareness Month!  Learn more about our precious resource and how you can help ensure it will be here for future generations.  



Did you know, the City has been very busy finding ways to be better stewards of our water resources.  Just take a look under our Goodyear Water Smart tab to see how we've been working to be more WATER SMART!

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 Did you know 80% of all illness in the developing world is water related?  The City of Goodyear provides approximately 10 million gallons of safe drinking water to our residents each day.  

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Stay up to date on the latest water news from around the state.  Read relevant articles and blogs about the state of water and the issues that could impact you and your community. 

How dry are we?  Check here!

Drought Management