Enforcement Bureau

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Enforcement Bureau

The Enforcement Bureau is led by Deputy Chief  of Police, Jimmy Rodriguez and is comprised of the Patrol and Criminal Investigations Divisions. The Enforcement Bureau is the largest component of the Goodyear Police Department. 


The Patrol Division works 10 hour shifts and consists of 8 squads:  2 day, 2 mid-day, 2 swing and 2 night shifts, as well as 2 non-sworn Police Assistants. There are 4 Police Lieutenants and 8 Police Sergeants who supervise the Patrol Division. Patrol personnel provide day-to-day police services that include: response to emergency and non-emergency calls for service and critical incidents, conducting preliminary investigations and evidence collection, engaging in community-oriented, problem-solving and crime-fighting efforts.

Criminal Investigations Division (CID)

The Criminal Investigations Division (CID) serves as the main investigative branch of the Department.

Officers assigned to CID conduct follow‐up investigations for criminal cases and respond to crime scenes when requested. Each case is reviewed for solvability factors and assigned to an investigator for follow‐up based on the type of crime.

The Criminal Investigations Division consists of four Units:

  1. Persons Crimes Unit
  2. Property Crimes Unit
  3. Task Force Units (Vehicle Theft VTI and Criminal Gangs GIITEM)

In addition to the sworn staff for CID, there is a core group of non‐sworn personnel that assist with the operations of the division:

  • Crisis Services
  • Investigations Specialist
  • Crime/Intelligence Unit