Parks & Recreation Advisory Commission

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Parks & Recreation Advisory Commission

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The purpose of the Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission is to function in a volunteer advisory capacity to the Goodyear City Council and Goodyear Parks and Recreation Department to enable the City to more effectively meet the needs of its residents and community. 


The creation of a Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission (“Commission”) will assist the Goodyear City Council and the Goodyear Parks and Recreation Department more effectively determine and respond to the needs of Goodyear residents, and better understand the needs and wants of the residents of the City of Goodyear. The Commission will be responsible for make recommendations to the City Council and Parks and Recreation Department regarding the following:

  1. Strategic and program planning, programming, development of the Capital Improvement Plan and Program, annual operating budget, revenue generation, facility planning and operations, park master planning, natural and cultural resource protection and land acquisition;
  2. Development of a continuing plan for the city's park system and its recreation program;
  3. Assist to promote and stimulate public interest in the city’s park system and its recreation program, and to that end participate in fund raising activities and solicit to the fullest extent possible the cooperation of school authorities and other interested public and private agencies;
  4. Be responsive to community needs for recreational, cultural and social programs;
  5. Affirm the diversity in the community;
  6. Promote safety in all facilities and programs, and
  7. Such other matters as directed by Mayor and Council. 

Commissioner Biographies:

Brian Murphy, Commission Chair

 Whiskey in the Snow

BackgroundI am a pilot for American Airlines and originally from Colorado.  I have lived in Goodyear for 4 years and the west valley for over 9 years. I was the president of my former HOA for way too long as no one else wanted to do it.  Presently I am the Chairman of the West Valley Trail Alliance a local trail advocacy and mountain bike group.

Interests/Facts: I love riding my bicycle, especially my mountain bike.  I love getting people out on trails and just plain old outside enjoying our fantastic weather.  My favorite race is the Whiskey Off Road in Prescott, AZ.  I’ve done it 7 years in a row, even in a snow storm. 

Why I enjoy being involved with the commission: I am very fortunate to have the time to give back to my community.  Being able to meet people with the like mind of volunteering to make their community and city better is very rewarding.  There is something very unique about anyone willing to give up their own free time for the betterment of others and I thoroughly enjoy being around those willing to help.  Combining it with parks and recreation makes volunteering that much better.  

Mike Padilla, Commission Vice Chair



Background: My family moved to Goodyear over 8 years ago, originally to Estrella Mountain Ranch and now we live near the Goodyear Ballpark.We're from Southern California and find that Goodyear is an amazing city for raising a family.I am an engineer and management consultant for IBM where I am approaching 20 years of service.

Interests/Facts: I enjoy spending time with my family, hiking, biking and playing at local parks and open spaces.I also enjoy flying, riding and the occasional off-road excursion.We never miss an Arizona Cardinals game and I'm an avid baseball fan.

Why I enjoy being involved with the commission: I enjoy the opportunity to give back to my community that being on the Commission provides.When parks and recreation needs volunteers, I hear it first, so I'm able to jump in and help out.Most of all I enjoy meeting my neighbors, talking to them about parks and recreation events and facilities and hearing their needs and ideas for enhancing the great parks and programs that what we have.

Jon Richardson


Background:  I have been a resident of Goodyear for more than 9 years and have served on the Parks & Recreation Advisory Commission since December 2012.  I have been fortunate to have a number of interesting careers including a 20-year administrative career in professional and collegiate sports, 5 years in state tourism, many years teaching, and most recently a career in real estate where I am the owner, broker, and agent of Grand Slam Property Management and Realty.  

Interests/Facts: I enjoy sports, volunteering, and working with youth.  In my tenure as a baseball executive, I worked with the Atlanta Braves, Seattle Mariners, San Diego Padres, and the Baltimore Orioles. I served as the Director of Sales for the 1983 World Series Championship winning Baltimore Orioles. I now enjoy setting my own schedule as a business owner. 

Why I enjoy being involved with the commission:  My work with the commission ties into my interests and the skills attained in three of my four careers:  working with youth, sports administration, as well as my work with non-profits, associations, and boards.  

Raquel Landefeld


Background: I am a wife and mother of three children ages 13, 11, & 9.  I attended Arizona State University and Estrella Mountain Community College where I receive an Associate’s of Arts.  Currently, I am working on earning my Bachelor’s degree.  I own a web design and development company based out of Goodyear and have made Goodyear my home for the past 10+ years.

Interests/Facts:  I love spending time with my family, traveling, the tech industry, reading, and the arts!  Local living and support is super important to me as well as the "urbanizing suburbia” idea, that is, making the suburbs more bicycle friendly, walkable, and with more local businesses.

Why I enjoy being involved with the commission: Serving on the Parks and Recreation Commission has provided me another way of engaging communities within my city.  I am very grateful for this as I firmly believe that strong communities are essential for a vibrant future.  Goodyear residents have expressed the importance of our parks and recreation programming and I am honored to be a part of the team the helps bring our city’s plans for Parks and Recreation improvement to fruition.

Kim Harris


BackgroundMy name is Kim Harris and I’ve been a resident of Goodyear for almost six years and Avondale for two years prior to that. Being new to Arizona, I searched for ways to get to know the area and the community and enrolled in the Avondale Citizen Leadership Academy. Later, I started volunteering for the Super Bowel committee, finding wonderful opportunities like Paint-A- Thon, Avondale’s Boy’s and Girl's Clubs, and later occasionally with the City of Goodyear community events.

Interests/FactsMy husband and I were blessed with a baby girl in 2011, having a family along with a full-time job as a HR Administrator, volunteering was limited. As time went by, my daughter I were privileged to assist delivery for The Joy Bus, a wonderful organization which cook meals for homebound cancer patients and to be a part of Make a Difference Day at Tres Rios picking up garbage. 

Why I enjoy being involved with the commissionDuring a search on the City of Goodyear website for ways for my daughter and I could volunteer during Make a Difference Day two years ago, I came across the City of Goodyear board requesting volunteers for the Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission. We enjoy being citizens of the City of Goodyear, love the programs, events, parks, and being outdoors whenever possible. I feel privileged to have an opportunity to be able to make a difference in my community and also to be part of a city that wants the opinion and thoughts of those who live here. This is the city where my daughter will grow up in and I feel proud to show my daughter that even though we don’t volunteer as much, the little we do, does matter. 

Jerry Wilson


Background: Born Gerald D. Wilson in Canton, Illinois and raised on or around the farm, I got an early farm license and learned to plow a straight row. While serving as an Army MP, I participated in the first inauguration of Richard M. Nixon, as well as several demonstrations in and around the DC area. I won't call them 'Peace Marches', that was not our experience. After the Army, I returned to school at Northern Illinois University, then took my first career position in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Interests/Facts: I worked in technical fields as a project manager and software implementation, primarily in Healthcare services, but also did a stint with utility companies, including APS. I worked in all but four states, but also served clients in Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Canada. The year after I completed the APS project, I was on the shore of Hudson Bay, inside the Artic Circle. I retired from Cableone in 2014 and enjoy traveling with my wife Sharon to visit our 31 grandkids.

Kiesha Beard


Background: City of Goodyear resident since 2009.

Interests/Facts: In my spare time, I really enjoy traveling by train!

Why I enjoy being involved with the commission: I like that the city takes an active and inclusive role in the community. It is truly an honor to serve our great city!

Annie Stephens

Annie Photo 1

Background: I moved to Phoenix, Arizona in 1994 from Paris, Texas with my family. I have a large family, five brothers and one sister all living in Arizona. I attended Bourgade Catholic high school graduating in 2003 and continued my education to obtain a BA in Communications from Southern New Hampshire University.

I became a lifeguard at 15 and have maintained my role in aquatics since, as an Aquatic Manager and Event Specialist. I value family recreation, specifically aquatic options. My family: husband, Justin, three children, Andrew, Aubree, and Jillian, and dachshund, Marvin, moved to Goodyear in 2015 and instantly fell in love with the city and community. Currently, I am the Athletic Assistant at Desert Edge High School.

Interests/Facts: I am interested in creating memorable moments and experiences with my family. I enjoy all aquatic fun and my children have swam since age 3, with my newest child, Jillian, beginning to learn this summer, while my husband, Justin, swims very little. “Bones” is a family gathering in my household along with “Impractical Jokers.” When I was a little girl in Texas, I rode in rodeos as a flag girl, showed lambs at FFA events and lived on a farm. A current silly and maybe gross fact about me is that I do not own any socks; she wears mostly flip-flops or sandals for work and play!

Why I enjoy being involved with the commission: I enjoy being involved with the commission as it allows me to have a direct investment in my community. It incorporates my extensive work experience in recreation and involvement as a parent to better our programs and facilities. Being a part of this team, making vested decisions in the community gives me a sense of pride. My involvement allows for improvement and growth in our already great programs; quality recreation programs that are affordable and fun are important components to children, adults, and families. I appreciate the opportunity to represent the community and parents like myself.