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King Ranch CFD

You will find the documents and records for the King Ranch CFD for the past 5 years listed below.   Click on the links and a new window will open to the selected documents.  The annual report details the financial statements of the governmental activities and each major fund of the District.  Annual reports have not been prepared after FY 2013 due to District non activity.

You can find other District documents such as the minutes, notices and other resolutions of the District Board by using our meeting SEARCH TOOL (search for CFD in the "search box")

You can request prior years documents and records not listed below.  Please submit your request here.


FY 2013 Annual Report                         FY 2019 Annual Budget                         FY 2017 Revenue Report

FY 2012 Annual Report                         FY 2018 Annual Budget                         FY 2016 Revenue Report

FY 2011 Annual Report                         FY 2017 Annual Budget                         FY 2015 Revenue Report

FY 2010 Annual Report                         FY 2016 Annual Budget                         FY 2014 Revenue Report

FY 2009 Annual Report                         FY 2015 Annual Budget                         FY 2013 Revenue Report


FY 2017 Expenditure Report

FY 2016 Expenditure Report

FY 2015 Expenditure Report

FY 2014 Expenditure Report

FY 2013 Expenditure Report