Special Event Permits

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Welcome to Goodyear! The city encourages community gatherings and organized activities to promote civic and cultural diversity, community involvement and the promotion of the city. We are pleased that you are planning to hold a Special Event in Goodyear, and we look forward to working with you to ensure it is a tremendous success!

Carefully review the criteria listed below. You can also view our Special Event Brochure. If your event meets any of these conditions, you must obtain a Special Event Permit. If after reviewing the list you are unsure whether your event will require a Special Event Permit, please contact the City Clerk's Office at 623-882-7830 or send us an e-mail

What is a Special Event?

1. A Special Event is any outdoor or partially outdoor gathering, use, event or activity over a period of not more than three days that involves any of the following: 

  • Will have more than two hundred and fifty (250) people at the event as attendees, participants, operators, vendors, or in any other capacity.
  • The closure or partial closure of public streets, sidewalks and right-of-ways (e.g., parades, block parties, races, rallies, etc.).
  • Impacts or restricts access to the property of others.
  • The display of fireworks, special effects, large open flames such as bonfires, explosions, or other potentially dangerous displays or actions.
  • Requires a state-issued temporary extension of liquor license premises or a special event liquor license. 
  • The display of non-domesticated animals (e.g., circuses, animal rides, etc.)
  • The installation and/or operation of mechanical or amusement rides and/or temporary or portable buildings.
  • Activities or uses on property that deviates from the current legal land use or legal nonconforming use of the property

2. A Special Event is any indoor event over a period of not more than three days which is held in a location that is not zoned for the proposed gathering, use, event or activity.

Examples of Special Events:

  • Block Parties
  • Bonfires
  • Carnivals/Circuses/Fairs
  • Ceremonies
  • Concerts
  • Cultural Events
  • Exhibitions or Shows
  • Festivals
  • Grand Openings
  • Large Social Gatherings
  • Markets
  • Parades/Processions
  • Promotional events in parking lots
  • Races
  • Rallies
  • Sports Tournaments





Permit Fees

Effective May 11, 2015, the application fees for Special Event Permits have been eliminated. However, please keep in mind that the event may bring about other fees as a result of additional permits required or services provided by other city departments. These include, but are not limited to, Special Event Traffic Control Permits, Special Event Fire Permits, security or traffic control provided by Off-Duty Police Officers, and medical/first-aid services provided by the Fire Department.

Application Deadlines

Special Event Applications which do not involve road closures must be submitted to the City Clerk's Office a minimum of 45 calendar days prior to date of the event. 

Deadlines for Events Requiring Road Closures

Due to the additional coordination that is required amongst city departments and, in some cases, other jurisdictions, Special Events which require the closure of all or part of public roadways must adhere to the following application deadlines:

Distance of Closure Application Deadline (Minimum)
Up to 10 Kilometers (Entirely within the City limits) ............................ 90 calendar days prior to the event
More than 10 Kilometers (Entirely within the City limits) ................. 120 calendar days prior to the event
Any distance involving multiple jurisdictions ......................................... 180 calendar days prior to the event

Permit Process

1. Complete and submit a Special Event Permit Application along with accompanying forms, plans, etc., a minimum of 45 calendar days (see deadline exceptions above) prior to the date of the event. The original application may be hand-delivered or mailed to the City Clerk's Office:

City of Goodyear
City Clerk's Office
Attn: Special Event Permits
190 N. Litchfield Rd.*
Goodyear, AZ 85338

2.The Special Event Permit Application will be routed to city departments for review. Departments will notify the City Clerk's Office of any follow-up questions or special requirements.

3.The City Clerk notifies the applicant of any follow-up questions or special requirements and requests submission of all additional licenses, permits, insurance, forms or payments. Coordination meetings may be required for large events or events involving traffic closures.

4.The Applicant submits additional documentation to the City Clerk's Office or other city departments.

5.The City Clerk's Office issues the Special Event Permit with or without stipulations.

6.The applicant coordinates inspections with the Development Services and/or Engineering Departments, if applicable.

7.The Special Event takes place.


*If submitting your application in person, Goodyear City Hall is located at the southwest corner of Litchfield Rd. and Van Buren St.