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Our future downtown                        


Estrella Parkway and Yuma Road


Future Heart and Soul of Goodyear

200-acre development

Goodyear has an opportunity very few cities in this country have - the chance to build a downtown from the ground up. This future downtown covers more than 200 acres and encompasses the intersection of two major streets in Goodyear - Estrella Parkway and Yuma Road.

Of the four quadrants created by the intersection, three are owned by private developer Sun MP and the other by the City of Goodyear. All City Center plans are currently conceptual. The original 200-acre site plan (below) illustrates how City Center is divided into quadrants.



NORTHWEST QUADRANT - Goodyear owns the 40-acre northwest quadrant, which will be the first section to be developed. It is known as the "civic" quadrant featuring public facilities such as a new City Hall and Council Chambers, a library, a multi-generational center and a performing arts center.

OTHER 3 QUADRANTS - The northeast quadrant is planned primarily for entertainment uses; the southeast will be mostly offices and the southwest quadrant townhouses and lofts. While each has a main purpose, all quadrants will contain mixed uses.

North of the civic quadrant and adjacent to it is a 100-acre parcel owned by the City:

It was originally planned as a city park, but is now being taken into consideration during the City Center planning process.


A public/private partnership

Goodyear conducted a worldwide competition to find the right private company to partner with the City to develop its future focal point. The winning proposal was submitted by the team of Lankford & Associates, Inc. of San Diego, Carrier Johnson, Phelps Development and JMI Sports, and contracts were approved in October 2008. As of February 2010, the City Hall building is at 82% complete construction documents, and the library/infrastructure are at 95% complete. As these documents neared completion, the economic decline began. Staff conducted a financial analysis of Assessed Valuation and projected revenues available to repay the bonds that would be sold for the project. This analysis concluded that the City would not receive sufficient secondary property tax revenue to pay for the annual debt service. Therefore, in May 2010, completion of the construction documents, as well as proceeding with construction of the Phase I project elements, were placed on hold. At this time, it is unknown when the projects will resume.

Latest conceptual version of the NW quadrant site plan as presented by Lankford is shown below:



Shade Structures could lower temperatures. 
Heavily landscaped plazas are appealing.